Esther teaches in the fields of MOVEMENT, DANCE, THEATER,  and SOMATICS focusing on different aspects of these areas and specially combining them. Her versatile background in theater and physical theater, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, flamenco, communication and voice as well as somatic bodywork, made her develop her own style of movement qualities and teaching.

She offers classes around IMPROVISATION where participants will be given tasks and work on movement concepts and different body states as a challenge to engage their own CREATIVITY and to explore their individual qualities and UNIQUE EXPRESSION. The clasess focus on the work between dance, theatre and voice, combining them in different measures and often involving the VOICE trough SOUND or TEXT.

Classes and workshops can be designed for professionals and non-professionals, adults, teenagers or children, or mixt classes for everyBODY.

Esther teaches in ENGLISH, SPANISH, GERMAN and FRENCH.

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Since 21   MOTION*S Dance Studio | Fluentbody | Berlin

2019-21   ANTON BRUCKNER UNIVERSITY LINZ | Movement Technique and Body Language | Acting Department | Austria

Since 2016   MIME CENTRUM BERLIN | Artistic Movement Training for Performers | Berlin

2021  SEITENWECHSEL e.V. | Creative Dance for Children | Berlin

2019   THEATER MORGENSTERN e.V. | Theater Instructor | Various Theater Projects with Children, Youth and Adults – with and without migration background | Berlin

Since 2018  GROTEST MARU | Dance, Stilts and Site-Specific Theater Instructor | Various School Projects | Berlin

2016-18   SUB KULTUR e.V. | Various Projects | Theater and Dance Instructor | Berlin

Since 2017  CABUWAZI / BEYOND BORDERS | Stilts and Acrobatic Instructor | Various Weekly Holiday and School Circus Camps | Berlin

Since 2017  KULTURPATE e.V. | Theater and Dance Instructor | Various Projects with Refugee Children | Berlin

2018   VOLDERS GmbH | German Instructor | German for Foreigners Levels A1-A2 | Berlin

2017-18  DEUTSCH AKADEMIE | German Instructor | German for Foreigners Levels A1-B1 | Berlin

2016   LA RED | Interactive Workshops around Job Interviews and Communication Skills | Leipzig / Berlin | Germany

2016   ZIRKUS INTERNATIONALE e.V. | Circus and Theater Instructor | Summer-School for Refugee Children | Berlin

2016  TANZTANGENTE e.V. | Dance and Theater Instructor | Summer Dance and Theater Camp for Children | Berlin

*Fluentbody facilitator
*Move | Feel | ReConnect
*Body Language
*Contemporary / Creative Dance
*Physical Theater
*Dance and Theater
*Theater and Flamenco
*Speaking in public
*Learning a Language through Theater (Spanish, German)
*Site Specific Theater

I am happy to develop and adapt my concepts to any other kind of proposition or needs.
Contact me for an individual concept!

I offer one-on-one sessions in SOMATIC BODYWORK after the Pantarei Approach. It is all about connecting to your SELF and to your UNIQUENESS. Through TOUCH, BREATH, MOVEMENT and VERBAL COMMUNICATION, we dive into your inner waters in order to navigate the waves of life with more EASE and JOY.

Also I do offer group options where I combine movement with somatic work, in order to get back from the brain into the body. Through MOVEMENT, BODY AWARENESS, BREATH and SENSING we connect back with our SELF. It is all about allowing to feel what is already there and connecting to our E-MOTIONS (feelings in movement).

Sessions/classes are possible LIVE or ONLINE and can be hold in ENGLISH, SPANISH, GERMAN and FRENCH.